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3D Animation

The term “digital 3D animation” refers to the process of creating moving images in three dimensions. Animators use 3D software to make computer-generated objects seem 3D even if they are really on a 2D surface. The use of visual effects and precise timing allows animators to provide the impression that anything, from a video game character to a car in an advertisement, is moving across three-dimensional space.

What are the benefits of using 3D animation?

Realistic depictions and personalities

The state-of-the-art in 3D animation allows for the production of fantastic films with a photorealistic look.

Surprise and energy are the results

The "wow factor" created by 3D is just what you need to draw attention to the benefits of your product or service and make a commercial that people will remember. Even more so, it's the best option for demonstrating complex actions (dancing, fighting, object transformations, etc.).

Possibilities for reusing

The ability to reuse characters in an infinite number of 3D animation projects is a huge time and cost saver, making 3D animation a great choice for creating a brand.

Efficiency in terms of budget for long films

While 3D animation takes a while to produce, the actual creation process is lightning fast. As a whole, it's a better option for budget-conscious producers of long-form computer animation.

Why choose us as your 3D animator?

For businesses looking to capitalize on the popularity of this video format, Widgets Limited provides 3D Animation Services. Inverse kinematics, fluid simulation, skeletal animation, rigging, rendering, and specialized effects are all part of our perfect 3D animation workflow. Widgets Limited is a reliable, globally recognized 3D animation outsourcing company because of our cutting-edge, creative production processes, affordable rates, and cutting-edge technical skills.

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