Pay Per Click Marketing Services

What is Pay Per Click?

Targeted paid promotions improve brand recognition and make it easier for consumers to get the information or service they need. Show your audience exactly what they want to see by using a targeted pay-per-click advertising strategy.

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is a model of online promotion in which companies pay only when their ads are clicked. However, it’s also commonplace on many social media platforms. PPC advertising campaigns, whether they focus on display or search advertisements, have the same goals of raising brand awareness and generating new leads.

Customers may be targeted with ads across devices based on their behaviour, such as whether or not they have interacted with the ads before (using a retargeting service).

Ads come in many sizes, shapes, and styles. The majority of search engine result pages (SERPs) have text adverts at their top (SERP). Visual elements such as product images, videos, and customer reviews may be included into display ads. They often appear as banner ads down the sides of websites or social media pages.

Multiple channels may be used to achieve the campaign’s objectives in a complete PPC effort. While top-of-funnel blog readers may be the focus of one Facebook ad, those who abandoned their shopping carts after adding items may be the focus of another.

Herein lies the appeal of a pay-per-click advertising strategy: You may modify it to meet the specific needs of your company and get the results you want.

Why Choose us?

Smart Pay-Per-Click Advertising

You may relax knowing that we devote countless hours each day to monitoring your account and making sure it’s running smoothly and efficiently. You may be certain that all PPC work will be completed by us.

We Are Available When You Need Us

There are no roadblocks in the way of you and us having a conversation. You may reach a representative by dialing 0370 6316249 or writing to In addition, you’ll work with a PPC specialist who is available for direct communication.


PPC campaigns often last far less than eight years. We’ve seen it all: updates, the craziness that was the debut of quality score, brand-new features, and innovative software. As the PPC market develops, we simply adapt by learning from our mistakes and implementing them.

An Increase in Profits

Which of these three outcomes—increased sales, leads, or revenue—is your ultimate goal? As such, here is where we’d like to direct your attention. If Pay-Per-Click marketing doesn’t increase sales, then what’s the point? Our goal is to provide you with the PPC services you need to grow your business.

Take PPC Out of the House

For too long, you or your in-house marketer have been analysing the same data and using the same tactics. Eliminating the need for a full-time staff allows Widgets PPC to save businesses.

Methods We Use to Control Google AdWords Spending

Does the flow of traffic serve any purpose? Do site visitors buy anything? When they submit the form, do they also call? In what way is offering a flood of high-quality visitors useful if it does not result in sales? Our unique selling point is that we focus on both sides of the equation, ensuring that the traffic from Google AdWords really leads to conversions on the website.

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