Animated Explainer Services

What is Explainer animated video?

Explainer videos, sometimes animated, are short films that aim to simplify and clarify a complicated concept in under two minutes. One of the most effective tools available to content marketers, they are designed to explain your company’s goods and services in a manner that speaks to the problems faced by your intended customers.

An explainer video is a great tool for any business looking to enhance its number of leads, decrease its bounce rates, spread its brand’s message, and boost its number of sales. It all comes from one solid block of premium video material.

How Widgets can help you?

Making animated explainer films is our speciality at our explainer animation studio. As a result of our talented and disciplined staff, Widgets Limited is able to produce videos that are both strategically directed and branded to perfection. Our animated explainer movies have a unique and distinctive touch¬†since we adapt the script to fit your brand’s voice and the interests of your target audience. As far as Widgets experience is concerned, we have made countless films for a wide range of fields.

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